DIY Bed Frame Designs


Bed frame designs come in various sizes and options, as well as various costs. You can challenge yourself by making your own bed frame. There are several things to consider when making a bed frame. These include bed size, style and durability. To ensure that the bed frame is robust first create the basic box with four pieces of wood.You will use 2x10x8 wooden parts for the base structure. To determine the size of your bed frame must add an inch to the length and width of the mattress.

If you want to add a little flair to your basic bed frame designs, you can finish the wood by sanding sharp edges and corners of the bed frame with a bit of sanding. In addition, the pine is a wood stain or paint. You will have to sand the wood first, to create a smooth finish. To keep the surface of pine, do not add a primer; just add splashes of color to the wood. You must wait 24 hours before use. If you would like to paint the wood, the wood will be painted with a white primer first.

Wait 24 hours, then add the paint color of your choice. You can simply add a varnish for wood to retain pine finish. Once you have created a framework for safe beamed, and added the finishing of your choice, you can connect the MDF. This involves simply screwing the MDF to the joists and the top of the bed frame designs.

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