DIY Contemporary Model Stair Handrails for Basement


Contemporary model stair handrails – Take the time to design a well-built handrails for your basement stairs. Use smooth metal or wood in front of rough-hewn wood. It may be tempting to jump by handrails and simply wait for family members and others who cling to the wall as they go down the stairs from the basement. Measure railing steps to see how much you’ll need. Install a rail attached to the wall if your steps are executed with a basement wall upstairs. Plan to install pre-made railings with a handrail on both sides of the steps if you go down to the basement steps as exempt. Create railing and handrail support that work well over time, so you will feel comfortable in using your basement more.

Calculate how much you will need for contemporary model stair handrails steps down parallel to a basement wall. Secure finished 1 x 6 wood panels on the wall to hold the railing, because you can not screw hardware directly railings concrete blocks or cement. Use this table to ensure pre-made rails attached with metal fittings screwed firmly with an electric screwdriver.

Build contemporary model stair handrails or buy pre-made for installation on both sides of a separate staircase. Use sturdy 2-inch by 6-inch boards to build a wooden frame forming the railings or handrails purchase will ensure the outside of the corridors of the stairs. Use an electric screwdriver to sink stainless Stell flat head screws in the corridors of the stairs to hold the rails. Install the screws on top of the rails where they connect to the front door to the walls to keep the structure in place. Design with smooth wood rail to serve as the top rail. Install a plain wooden handrail pre-made on top of the wooden railing if desired. This makes it easier to slide your hand as you descend the stairs.

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