DIY Fluorescent Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Fluorescent kitchen lighting – Many houses are built with functional but not attractive fluorescent lamps in the ceiling. Replacing the fluorescent kitchen lighting lamp with recessed lighting can add a distinctive touch to your kitchen. While there is some work involved in making the conversion, the task is simplified by the fact that the wiring for the lights is already in place. Kitchens are the center of home activity, with cooking, dining. When the ceiling is repaired from the old lighting, determine if further conversion to be done before choosing new lighting design. Call in a professional to install the necessary electrical outlets. Using several types of lighting in a kitchen to meet the different needs of this busy place.

DIY fluorescent kitchen lighting to recessed, Turn off the power to the existing fluorescent kitchen lighting fixture in the electrical panel switches. Remove the cover and remove the fluorescent kitchen lighting lamp tubes lighting. Locate the fixing screws that hold the ceiling. Remove the screws and lower the accessory. Unscrew nuts cable wiring for fluorescent kitchen lighting fixture. Loosen the screws holding the lighting fixture box beam ceiling. Pull the roof box. Cut an opening in the roof of the new light with a jig saw on the location of the old outlet box using the template provided with light. Connect the wiring housing for wiring the new recessed light with wire nuts. Place the light fixture on the ceiling and attach it to the roof beam with brackets and screws provided. Place the adjustment ring recessed light on the bottom edge of the lamp.

The fluorescent kitchen lighting industry has seen a lot of innovation resulting in more efficient lighting sources that are affordable and last longer. Fluorescent kitchen lighting fixtures are common kitchen accessories tube. The accessories used larger tube lamps-sized T-12, which are not as efficient as the new T-8 and T-5 fluorescent kitchen lighting light tubes. Use T-8 or T-5 accessories to update the fluorescent kitchen lighting in the kitchen and make yourself, your wallet and the environment a favor. Warnings for update fluorescent kitchen lighting Never attempt to work on live electrical circuits.

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