Glass Coffee Table Decor with Attaching Photos


Coffee table decor – A glass coffee table with a removable cover and a base that gives a range of colors to organize photos adapted to the mood you want to create in your living room. Show pictures of people, children’s drawings, a collection of vintage postcards or if your coffee table has depth, interspersed vacation photos with small objects that met on the trip. Placing pictures under a glass coffee table customizes furniture without permanently altering.

Level of difficulty to do this is easy. And before you are going to decoration with this ideas you need something that must you have. What is that? That is some picture or collection pictures, glass cleaner for cleaning the glass coffee table after your finished places the collection pictures and the last you need newspaper exactly for tool to clean the glass coffee table decor

How to do coffee table decor? The preparing was completed. So lets to do decoration. First, remove the cover from the glass table. Place it somewhere where you do not step, preferably leaning against a wall out of the way. After the place for pictures ready lest organize images on the basis of the coffee table into a design that appeals to you. Try a uniformly spaced grid of photographs of the family of 4 by 6 inches, a spiral of cuts classic cars from old magazines or a pinch of samples cut from vintage wallpaper flowers. No images adhere to the base of the coffee table unless you want to create a permanent exhibition.Step three is clean both sides of the surface of the coffee table with glass cleaner and crumpled newspaper to remove fingerprints and allow you to show your design. Replace the glass top on the coffee table. Attaching photo of under glass coffee table has been completed.

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