Hipster Home Decor Trends


Hipster home decor – Fashion trends and decor are completely different but certainly an influence many other, always. Incidentally, this happens everywhere, with all kinds of trend up because if you enjoy the fashion world to your home will convey some of that too, right? The fashion has changed a lot over time and the most copied looks of recent times are the Hipsters. They were known as intelligent fashion, retro fashion and today is a mix of everything. In hipster decor can find several ways to declare this style can be either with the basic clean, alternative and natural or totally retro.

The wall imitating ” burnt cement ” is so basic that gives you the opportunity to dare the colors. This decor is very masculine. Men generally use only the essentials in decoration and details are the most important: the fully improvised magazine rack, both on the ground as the suspension are made ​​of recycled materials. The bike could be anywhere else in the house but use it for decoration could not be more hipster home decor! If the kitchen was chosen matte painting on the wall that mimics a blackboard and in my opinion is one of the most creative things ever invented in the field of decoration! The burnt cement is repeated giving a male air kitchen and ending with Geek Toys and picture frames. It’s a great way to leave your kitchen with a guy hipster, male while with homemade knack of being!

And to finish a room completely DIY (do it yourself). It is perfect to accommodate all you need in this immensity of partitions made ​​with crates and even under the bed. Remember the alternate Naturtal? Yeah! Here he is better demonstrated than ever. For those who are not DIY enthusiasts you already find these same furniture sale prontinhos to put in your home. The hipster home decor fever pallet beds and huge closets crates reached everywhere and is no longer a registered trademark of the alternative world. Today everyone is a little craftsman and we’ll match it is wonderful to build your own home!

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