Make Brushed Nickel Kitchen Faucet Finish


Brushed nickel kitchen faucet – If you are looking for hardware or devices that have a soft silvery metallic luster modern decorative, choose furniture with brushed nickel finish. Brushed nickel is not reflective, but offers a touch of sparkle and glamor to a bathroom or kitchen interior design. In order to achieve an appearance of brushed nickel, furniture and appliances must undergo a process.

Nickel over brass: Brass is plated with nickel to create the look of silver in a brushed nickel kitchen faucet finish. Plating is the process of applying a thin layer of a metal type to the surface of another metal. This is accomplished by creating a chemical reaction or an electromagnetic fusing the two metals together. Once brass is plated with nickel, which no longer has a golden tone, but takes the appearance of reflective silver nickel.

Mechanically polished: Nickel-plated brass is mechanically polished with industrial equipment aficionados any imperfections in the surface of the metal. Nickel is possible to polish before the coating process, but generally occurs after grinding of the two metals are chemically bound or electromagnetically. During mechanical polishing, fine lines and visible grains are polished to a smooth finish. The nickel coating retains its luster and reflective qualities. Lacquer coated: During the final stage in the process, brushed nickel is coated and sealed with a protective lacquer. Depending on the type of lacquer and the number of applications, some appliances and furniture polished brushed nickel kitchen faucet may appear brighter than others. The brushed nickel coating protects from scratches and fingerprints.

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