Make Quirky Home Decor Especially in Living Room


Quirky home decor – Decorating your living room offers a chance to show off your personality and individual style. When the space is small, adds an exciting element to the task. With the right color and space planning you can make this focal point of your home appear larger. This is all doable without sacrificing your distinctive interior design choices. Decorate the walls. Use a quirky patterned wallpaper, but in limited quantities. Choose an accent wall to an intricately designed print feature or use it as a border around the room. Using it on all the walls creates a visual overload and can seem closed a small room. Paint the other walls in a light but strong color, such as purple, bright yellow or spring green.

Choose a quirky home decor plush accent rug like a faux animal skin or shag carpet. The common space can serve as a comfortable place to watch TV or play games when business is over and you need extra seating. Use large window treatments that match your own style. Hang the treatments of the floor to the ceiling to create an illusion of height, even if the window is much shorter. Select a quirky decorating theme for your small living room. Focus on the odd or obscure, whether it is used an eccentric pattern in the coating or a peculiar style of artwork. This helps to bind together the room and creates a consistent feel to the space.

Use furniture with multiple purposes. Not only are these pieces are unusual, but they are useful in a number of ways. Some ottomans, chairs or sofas have built-in storage space under the seat where books, magazines, DVDs, or other items you need to keep in the living room. End Tables fits nicely with each other, but may qualify for extra space during a party. Place a large mirror along one wall in your living room, in front of a window if possible. Select a mirror with a wide, distinctive connect limit your quirky home decor. Mirrors help to create the illusion of openness and space and also brighten by reflecting light the room.

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