Reason Didn’t Choose Double Door Locks


Door locks – The limits of the double bit lock can not be reduced to some of these problems. The weakest point of the lock is that you can open with simple tools and without a sound, of course you need experience and skills, however, are not lacking in qualities that burglars “media skills”. Not only is affordable on-line but it is especially easy to manufacture, as it is composed of two tubes grafted, equipped at one end of the lever and the other of pomellino. Over the lock has been used and the less the resistance that the same lock oppose the hook probe.

Modern door locks (still producing because they are the cheapest ones) are constructed so as to make it very difficult to open by the hook of Hobb. However, there are other non-destructive methods to open the locks to double map even more modern ones. On-line they sell different types of equipment are able to reconstruct the mapping by creating a cast taken within the lock itself. An example of this kind of equipment you see in the image below and is on sale at the price of 535 Euros.

The magnetic closure consists of a shield that slide is released only when it supports the “key ring” that has inside magnets encoded. Its limitation is mounting, in fact without removing the inner panel and door locks installation occurs with 4 screws that are tapping only on the sheet outside of the door, in this case with a good leverage is possible to blow this kind of protection.

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