Romantic Master Bedroom Designs Decoration Ideas


Romantic master bedroom designs feature soft fabrics, rich colors and lace curtains. These rooms are elegant but sophisticated. Specific decoration pieces such as antique mirrors or old fashioned work well in romantic rooms. Choose colors that interest you and your partner agree. Canopy beds fabrics like lace and silk and also blend well in a romantic master bedroom.

Purple passion romantic master bedroom designs. Paint all walls in pastel purple light, but leave the white ceiling. Install white crown molding along the border of his room to create a more elegant finish. Add decorative pieces that accentuate the color purple and silver mirrors and frames. Fill the room with (cherry) white or burgundy furniture. Both colors work well with a room in pastel colors. If you choose light colored furniture, they offset this with linens deep purple.

Captivating red with white and red roses. Paint a big red accent wall and leave all other remaining walls and white ceiling. Place your bed against the red wall. Choose bedding lighter color like pink, white or cream to offset the red. Hang a framed picture of a white rose on red wall above his bed. Red wall will stand the white rose. Frame photos of red roses in two or more of the other white walls in the room. Include additional romantic master bedroom designs accents like red and white dried flowers in vases and antique antiquated as a small dressing table with a mirror. French Cottage. Paint the walls light yellow cake and leave the white ceiling. Install white crown molding along the top edge of your room. Hanging pictures of French farmhouses on the wall and fill the room with beautiful antiques such as hand mirrors and potpourri vases. Choose, soft flowing fabrics for bed. Accessories purple and white pastel colors go well with pale yellow walls. Install white lace curtains to complete the look.

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