Unfinshed Wood Trunk Coffee Table and Other Furniture


Wood trunk coffee table – An unfinished wooden trunk is a blank canvas that can be transformed into any number of interior design accent pieces, or used as a versatile piece of furniture. These versatile bedrooms once ubiquitous stores are now a great find at a garage sale or farm. Often, their large size makes them a difficult item to sell, and therefore a great value for a bargain hunter. With a little effort DIY an unfinished wooden trunk can be a great weekend project.

Wood trunk coffee table with storage: Use your new found steal a log of agreement as a coffee table. You’re a piece of unbreakable glass and a couple of stops away felt a unique and sturdy table with hidden storage. Use felt caps to keep the glass from scratching the wood or wood from scratching the glass. If you are putting this table on a wooden floor, you may want to add bypass rubber feet to the bottom of the trunk to protect the soil from rough edges.

Another wood trunk coffee table furniture is wine cabinet with locked door: If the trunk has a flat top, consider turning the whole piece in your hand and placing a wine rack inside. With a pair of rubber feet on the new bottom, you can have a cheap place to store your most prized bottles, with the added advantage of having a locking latch in his new cabinet wine. TV Stand with Hidden Space: An unfinished wooden trunk can make a great TV stand with hidden wires and any team that does not require line of sight with a remote control infrared space. The back of the trunk can be cut circles out of it to allow air flow and to allow room for cables to be fed through. Similarly, the holes in the cover can be used to feed wires to the television.

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